Thursday, April 10, 2008

'Embedded Concepts', 2006, was specifically made for the place where it is on display now, the Ministry of Science and Technology in Pretoria, South Africa. The diamond shaped artwork is 1 x 1 m and the inlay of a palm leaf dominates the design. On the top is a laser print inlay of Michelangelo's fresco painted hands of god and Adam, trying to touch each other. This became the metaphor for the 'divine' or simply ' sane' approach of man towards reality. Vertically placed underneath, on the bottom, is the image of Medusa by Caravaggio, representing the insane world, the destructive side of society and self destructive tendency. Between the two poles are certain events placed that are crucial or significant for the journey of mankind towards science and technology. For example the abacus or Pythagoras'theorem stand for the beginning of this journey,but then there is also an image of the destroyed Nagasaki or the aids virus to remind us of our dark sides.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My Papermaking Studio- Part 1

This is the view down the road with the Indian ocean in the background.

My paper studio is very small, because we live in a densely populated part in the city of Durban,in Morningside.
I still manage to create my art and even have other artists to collaborate with me in the studio.

The main wet space is where most of the work happens. I spent a lot of time on the blue sink in the background, where I rinse the fibre after cooking.
The wooden construction
in the centre is the press.

This ugly m
etal bin is very
essential,because that is, where
all my fibres are cooked.

And on the left you see it stacked
with pineapple leaves,
a brick on top to keep
them under water.

These are the pineapple fibre before
jamming them into the pot.

This machine is essential for my craft - the Hollander Beater. I makes the pulp by beating the fibres. It has a special role for plant fibres.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Berlin - Exhibition at aSb - March 2008

01.03. 2008 - 29.03. 2008

artSPACE berlin
Linienstr. 109
10115 Berlin

+49.(0)30.722 94 585

These works reach deep beyond the surface of appearence and touch the centre of existance. They are, similar to the concept of mandalas, a door to the truth in ourselves. By looking at them we can get in contact with our inner harmony.

'Delicate' ['Zart']. 2008

This image shows one of the art works on exhibition in Berlin, aSb Gallery, at the moment.

The series consists of about 30 pieces, all with a diameter of 64 cm and made out of various pulps.

I preferably work with plant pulp from local material that I collect, but in this series I decided to include white cotton pulp to get more contrast.

The inlay consists of various leaves that have been decomposed to expose the skeleton construction.

In these leaves the fragility and beauty of life, counteracted by death can become a contemplation on 'vanitas' and the miracle of life.

'Encircled' [Eingekreist]. 2008

The paper is made from banana fibre and the inlays are various plant fragments chosen mainly by their colour quality. So is the red cotton circle, which encircles the centre leaf. Even though this work is inspired by Byzantine art and the use of mosaic and patterns, there is still a social connotation prevalent: the perception of everyone is unique and of central importance (to him/herself).

'Palm Spiral' ['Palmflechte'] 2008

The spiral is the fundamental concept of this existance. Spiral nebuli in the macro cosmos mirror the micro cosmos of DNA winding itself and forming cells, which form spirals again...

The paper pulp I work with consists of plant cells and without restraining them, when drying, the paper would try to gain a spiral shape, which would result in 'buckled' looking sheets.

The plait is made from palm fibres and represents the transformed stage of the plant through human intervention, whereas the leave stands for the untouched nature, which we are busy destroying.

'Straight and Bent' ['Grad und Krumm'] 2008

The concept of duality on which this planet is based (and if logic prevails, the entire universe), is thematised in this work. On several levels it deals with this reality, which is the most difficult for our mind to come to terms with. The mind cannot grasp the unity of opposites, the paradox of light and dark as aspects of the same quality. We seek happiness and dismiss sadness - without realizing that they are unseparable twins, just taking turns.

The basic shape of the work is circular, which is repeated in the inner centre by a dark dot, highlighted by a golden spiral. The palm leaf inlays as well as the dark pulp form lines, which interact tensely with each other and the circular shapes, just leaving the spiral untouched.