Thursday, April 10, 2008

'Embedded Concepts', 2006, was specifically made for the place where it is on display now, the Ministry of Science and Technology in Pretoria, South Africa. The diamond shaped artwork is 1 x 1 m and the inlay of a palm leaf dominates the design. On the top is a laser print inlay of Michelangelo's fresco painted hands of god and Adam, trying to touch each other. This became the metaphor for the 'divine' or simply ' sane' approach of man towards reality. Vertically placed underneath, on the bottom, is the image of Medusa by Caravaggio, representing the insane world, the destructive side of society and self destructive tendency. Between the two poles are certain events placed that are crucial or significant for the journey of mankind towards science and technology. For example the abacus or Pythagoras'theorem stand for the beginning of this journey,but then there is also an image of the destroyed Nagasaki or the aids virus to remind us of our dark sides.